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featuring the artwork of Margaret Ann Adams

About Red Fox Hill Studios

Once Upon a Time, in the Laurentian Mountains, in a forest beside a pond, there roamed a family of Red Foxes.  Each day from my studio window I would watch them come to drink and sometimes find leftovers.  The little ones grew up and over the years they would bring their own families.  They, and all the wildlife surrounding me in my log cabin on the Hill, inspired my paintings and my creativity. As life takes on different journeys these times will always live in my memory and in the Pieces of My Heart.


Art Gallery

Art from over the years include LaurentianLandscapes, Laurentian Wildlife and subjects used in my Learning Sessions.


Wildlife, both fur and feathers and our faithful companions. feline, canine and equine.  These subjects have been and always be the foundation and love of my art.

If you have one dear to your heart it would be my honour to create an everlasting painting for you.

Pieces of my Heart

a collection of paintings of those faithful companions who have journeyed with me and remain forever in my memory and the Pieces of My Heart


Fur, Feathers and Hooves

Plan your memory today with Fine Art by Margaret Ann Adams

Red Fox hill Studios in the Valley of the Rouge

The scenery has changed and we no longer have Red Fox visits.  But the view from the studio here in The Valley of the Rouge still inspires creative talents. Peaceful and contemplative.  All the right ingredients to find  unknown talents

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