Getting started

The Sizes and the Prices

Prices are determined by size, number of  animals in the painting, whether it is head and shoulders or full body and if the background is plain or intricate.

Prices are based on a  plain background and one animal, head and shoulder.
If you have further requirements please contact me for special rates.

Intricate or detailed backgrounds are extra.



9 x 11 350
11 x 14 450
12 x 12 475
16 x 20 675
18 x 22 850
8 x 10 375
12 x 16 475
12 x 12 550
16 x 20 750
18x 224 975

Assignments will be placed on a first come first serve basis and names are added in order to the waiting list.

Presently the wait period is one month from the date of confirmation.

If you have an upcoming deadlie for a gift or special occasion we can offer bespoke pet painting gift voucher.