Pieces of My Heart

Once Upon a Time

Where it all began

“Time is fleeting “so they say.  My years at Red Fox Hill did just that.
They flew by.
Time enough to record my memories in my mind’s eye, but not enough time to place all those memories on paper or canvas.

And so,  Zoe, Zazoo, Zoomie and Tattoo will be joined in the tme to come with all  of the faithful paws who shared my journey on The Hill.

They will always be known as the Z Dynasty and they form the jig saw puzzle that is the map of my love for each and every one. 

They are the Pieces of My Heart

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The Skeptic

Once Upon a Time, in a land now so far away, a little abandoned dog named Zoe came to join the other paws of the family, on a cold December day.

Our lives were never the same.

Though today she has journeyed home with many others that have stolen pieces of my heart, they dwell within forever.


The Early Years

Zazoo’s little puppy “Zoomie”, always took second place to his flamboyant brother “Zanadoo”. When Zanadoo’s journey ended way too soon, little Zoomie became the guardian and silent keeper of us all. He did so till his sixteenth year.
To give him the honour he deserved he is placed in the shadows where he always wanted to be but the sunlight brushes his fur to let him shine forevermore.

The Golden Girl


The matriarch of all.
Presented into the palm of my hand, the little Terrier at four weeks old, changed my life journey that I could not have imagined.
She and her two little puppies known as the “Three Amigos” were the terror of the countryside.  She ruled us all.
My most beloved and faithful friend saw me through the trial’s and tribulations and all the good times for eighteen and a half years.  Her final responsibility although frail of health, was to see me through cancer treatment.  When she knew I was on the road to recovery, only then did she concede and make her final journey home.

The Amazing Mr. Zadoc and Zhilo

Both rescued from unconceiveable conditions and both came to Red Fox Hill bruised and battered.  Mr. Z would undergo numerous operations resulting from an accident that occured while he roamed the streets of a small town in Alabama before he was rescued.  Zhilo tied up and left in a Church Yard with no food or water for days on end.  When finally rescued was never able to fully overcome that trauma and fear of humans.  In spite of it all, Zhilo became our fierce guardian and Mr. Z  the flag ship of the Z Dynasty’s courage,  determination and fierce  love or life. They were the Champions

We did not share their early years but the final ones were ours and we would not have traded that for anything.

Hugs and tail wags forevermore.