Pas De Deux


  • Acrylic paint on Russian Plywood Gallery frame.
  • 12″ x 12″ x 2″ providing a built in frame
  • Item in Autumn exhibit 2016 Pret a Porter
  • photo used author unknown

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The most remarkable noise in Spring is the honking of the returning Canada Geese from their Southern winter habitat. It is both joyful and motivating to know that summer is on its way.  From as early as April to late June the sky is littered with perfect “V” formations as they fly night and day by the hundreds.  Their flight path passing over us to their final destination in the far Canadian North.  And then in Autumn it is a sad song to hear their sound as they depart.  We know winter is on its way.
They say they mate for life.  I would like to believe so.  Since moving to the Valley of the Rouge and seeing them flocked in the fields, it is noticeable that they do poke around in pairs.  In late summer they are followed by little honkers just beginning to fly.
In a changing world the Flight Song of the Canada Goose, “Pas de Deux” remains a constant reminder of the Ballet Mother Nature has planned.