A Novel


Our earth journeys may have come to an end but through the magic of the written word by W. K. Moffat, we live on in the Once Upon a Time Land known as Red Fox Hill.
The official Book Cover will be out soon but, in the meantime, we plan each week to introduce you, one at a time, to the characters you will meet in the chapters of this story on the Hill.
Apart from me Zadoc, and Zoé, Zeeva, Zhilo and Tattoo who you already know, you will meet René the Fox as seen on the cover, Réjean and Huguette the chipmunks, Windy the Snow goose, and Oliver the Barred Owl to name a few. And every chapter is an adventure the “Paws” get into as they manage to never cure their curiosity.

Below is a short resume by the editor:
“Introducing “the paws”: five rescue dogs who live with the Lady at Red Fox Hill. Told from the perspective of Zadok, an Australian terrier and the most recently rescued dog, Tales from Red Fox Hill follows the dogs through most of a year. Life lessons are learned, sometimes the hard way, and the underlying foundation of every story is love and respect. Tough topics, including death and bullying, are addressed along with a generous portion of fun and humour. Curiosity, diversity, and acceptance are other deep themes that are made accessible to an audience of grade-school-aged children through the stories of the various animals who make their home at Red Fox Hill.”

Pre-ordering will be announced in September.

Hugs and tail wags Forevermore
Yours truly,
The Amazing Mr. Zadoc

Introduction – narrated by The Amazing Mr. Zadoc

My name is Mr. Zadoc; I am an Australian terrier, a rescue dog from Alabama, now living happily and peacefully with four other paws here on Red Fox Hill in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec in Canada.  Some call me the storyteller, still others the philosopher of Red Fox Hill.  I listen, I observe and I store away for future reference the day-to-day happenings that take place here on the Hill.  As I said, I did not always live here; none of us did, though like the other paws I wish I had.  You see we are all rescue dogs and have known our share of misery, loneliness and despair.  But the The Lady With The Lovely Name who rescued us is kind and caring and compassionate and we love her dearly.


Zhilo our guardian

A few days later the morning was cool all the paws were in the house.  I decided to go out to test the air and, on the breeze, I sniffed a faint scent of … all I can say is it smelt of trouble.  It was acrid and sour and in truth beyond my experience.  But the chipmunks knew what it was and were very excited. Standing up on their hind legs, their little noses rapidly sniffed the air.   I was puzzled what could be causing such a problem?  The ducks had disappeared from the pond and a sense of what I can only describe as evil filled the air.  Little Tattoo came out to find out what was wrong, he sensed as I did that our little world was threatened but by what, by whom?

The chipmunks sounded the alarm.  They began chattering violently and rushed to Tattoo.

Hugette said to him, “Quick, little Tattoo go hide in house. Run fast little paw there is something really bad nearby.”

But Tattoo as well as being very loving, was also very curious and was so keen to find out what was happening he refused to move.  Then the chipmunks literally went wild running back and forth and then in circles, they yelled in unison.

 ” Zhilo, Help. Help, Help, HELP!

Out of the bushes appeared a coyote with his unblinking yellow eyes.  He fixed his gaze on Tattoo and terror gripped my heart.  Coyotes were merciless this I knew and I was too small to be of any real help.  But small as he was Rejean was not afraid.  He knew Coyotes loved chipmunks but, risking his life, he set up such a chattering that the early morning peace was shattered.  Tattoo, was terrified and froze. I was petrified, what could I do?  I would fight for Tattoo but I knew I was no match for a Coyote.  Hugette joined in and both chipmunks were up on their hind legs chattering as loud as they could, but the coyote with those cold yellow eyes had Tattoo in his sights and was not to be deterred.

Then in a burst of fury, out of the house came Zhilo.  He was wild with anger and faced the coyote fearlessly.  Barking, snarling and snapping, his message was clear…

“Try to harm my family and friends, you must first deal with me.”

The coyote paused, he sensed that Zhilo would be a formidable opponent, then eying the assembled paws and chipmunks he silently, slunk back into the bush pursued by Zhilo who knew he had won the day.

All of us breathed huge sighs of relief.  Tattoo was safe, thanks to Rejean, Hugette and Zhilo. The coyote had gone, probably never to return.  My heart was full and the lady praised the chipmunks and Zhilo to high heaven.  The two ducks returned and alighted gently on the pond.

“We saw it all,” said Peter.

“Yes we did,” echoed Millicent.  “It was Rejean and Hugette who first sounded the alarm.  We will be happy to share our corn with them. Then Zhilo came to the rescue, my, was he fierce!”

By this time Zhilo had returned and I was afraid he was still so worked up he might harm Rejean and Hugette.  But no, he approached the two chipmunks and bent his head down towards them.  I thought Rejean would pass out but all Zhilo did was give both he and Hugette a quick lick and say.

“You guys are OK in my book, welcome to the family.  Welcome to the Hill.  I hope you enjoy living here.”

Rejean, said, “Bless you Zhilo my new friend, we will be happy to live here.”

Then Zeeva addressed the whole group, “Three cheers for the chipmunks for saving the day.”

We all cheered loudly and the chipmunks were very happy, they had found a new home.


The name Zhilo means the gift.  He was our greatest gift. The day his life journey ended he granted us the greatest gift of all.  In ill health, aging and now very tired he gave us trust.  Trust that we would let him go and peacefully travel his journey home.

We reach for the stars as we know that is where he now resides. We will always believe in miracles.

Hugs and tail wags forevermore

The Amazing Mr. Zadoc


Remember to always believe in miracles. 

They are magik


– Red Fox Hill Studios –