About Me

I have no exact memory of when, but I do know that as a child and onwards, a pen, pencil or paintbrush was always at my fingertips. 

Beginning with our grumpy little Scottie dog Sandy, every cat, dog or horse that came into my life became the subject of my artistic expression.  

Combining Art & Education Since 1995

Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, as well as Graphic Commercial Design and Fashion Design, only later in life did I really practice my craft.  I began teaching painting and drawing  in a studio in the small town where I lived in the Laurentian Mountains.  I put into practice what I had to preach.  The question “why” I should paint or follow some technique did not always have an answer from my professors way back then.   I believed  if I could bring a student to understand the “Why” then they would execute with confidence and succeed in their own creativity. 

It has proven its worth for the more than 25 years in my teaching career.

My Story

My true love of the animals in my world whether wild or companions in my home, has been my inspiration and desire to capture through my paintings, their heart and soul and the power of their existence.  

These paintings are the pieces of my heart that are the memories of my lifetime.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”    Anatole France


Tell Me Your Story

Perhaps it will take us on a journey to a new painting