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Fur, Feathers and Hooves
by special request

Special Requests

There is nothing more personal or dear to our hearts than a painting
of our beloved 4 legged companions.
When asked to do so, I am touched not only by the responsivbility, but the trust placed in me. I  know that by the time the paining is completed another little soul will have entered into the pieces of my heart and the handover of the painting will be emotional for all.


First and before all to begin the conversation why not contact me and tell me about your ideas. Perhaps include a photo to introduce me to the animal you would like to be represented in a painting.  You can simply send me an email at info@redfoxhillstudios.com

The information on images, prices and sizing will help guide you in your choices.

I will respond within 24 hours.  Looking ahead to hearing your story.  Thank you.

The Image

One pet or two or more? Will it be the dear face or the entire body? Will there be a background- or not?
Email  your photos and tell me about your pet portrait: is it a gift? A memorial? Part of a series?

Let us get started

Size and Price

The size is one of the derteming factors in the price. See the  list of standard sizes. Custom sizes are available on request

See your choices

Ordering and Shipping

Once all is decided a deposit will place your order on the list.  An approximate wait time  is one month.  On completion you will receive a digital photo of the artwork. Then all that is left is to pack and ship to you securely.

The Red Chair

a custom portrait for Karen Robertson of her beloved Jack Russell Terriers yesterday, today and tomorrow

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