THE MOST AMAZING Australian Terriers

“We Have Today” Wall Calendar 2022


From the series “We Have Today”

paintings of our beloved Aussies around the world

A 12 month wall calendar featuring a new Australian Terrier each month for the year 2022

and including a Legcy page in honour and tribute to this year’s Aussie in memory
Printed on quality matte finish paper
11″ x14″folded and 11″ x 18″ open

All paintings are from original photographs. 

Each participant is accompanied by a personal story 


My name is Jackson The Art of Adventure. I am a Red Hawk Australian Terrier from Wyoming now living in the Valley of the Rouge, Quebec Canada.  I have a huge responsibility on my young shoulders. You see I have been chosen by the wise Sage- Le Raconteur- The Mast Amazing Mr. Zadoc, to carry on a tradition begun by him and the others of the Z Dynasty.  The Most Amazing Australian Terrier Calendar for 2022 will continue that tradition inaugurated last year.

He has asked me to remind you that he is with us always watching from on high and will always keep each and everyone of you in his heart forever.

Once again, this year we are overwhelmed by the kindness and willingness to share by Aussies from all around the world in allowing us to portray them in original paintings.  We thank those who share their journey with them for their notes of endearment and stories they have to tell.

We are the Most Amazing Australian Terriers. This series of paintings celebrates a moment in time for each and every one of you who have been lucky enough to have shared a journey with an Aussie Paw.

This year our theme is “Aussies in Action” and not to be confused with all our wonderful antics, but just sometimes sitting or standing in our most Aussie familiar way.

I am new to this and may not have the way with words of Mr.Z but in my heart my love for you all is equal and as great.  From my perilous journey during COVID shutdown from Wyoming to Canada over a year ago accomplished through the insistence of Tyna Dickenson, the intermediate home in my father’s house of Malcolm and Kim Occiuti, the gift of encouragement by Charlene Brejcha Rainville,  and my dear and loving first home at Red Hawk Terriers, Eva Christina and Denis Campbell, and all those friends out there I may never meet, thank you for giving me the path forward on this journey called life.

And if I may repeat the wise Sage’s words “Hope is eternal, look for tomorrow and reach for the stars.  Always believe in miracles for they do happen.  Hugs and tail wags forevermore.”

Yours truly

Jackson The Art of Adventure

P.S.  I am also very proud to say that our cover this year is my most Amazing brother Teddy – still iving at home in Wyoming





Once again due to COVID printing will delay delivery to mid January 2022. 

Thank you for your  patience

THE DEMAND HAS BEEN AMAZING!  The Aussies from around the world are forever ini the hearts of so many.  The calendar is not only a date reminder and forecast but it is a storybook.  Each painting is accompanied by a personal account of their journey and their adventures.  Some of which have already journeyed home.  So once the year is up this little booklet of months will be a treasure to keep  in rembrance of all within.

Thank you for your support and interest.


A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this calendar will be donated to ElderDog Canada a non-profit organization throughout Canada in service to seniors and their dgos

And also to Australian Terrier Trust is support of our wonderful breed.

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