Getting started

The reference photographs

It is my grteatest wish to create your perfect painting. It may be in tribute and memory of the end of a journey. It may be a special gift for a friend. For whatever the reason the important place to begin is with a photograph.

  • Send me a few to help me chose the one I believe will make the best painting.
  • Some close ups, some of your favourites
  • To achieve the end product, how you take the pohotograph is of utmost importance.
  • Taken in natural light outside is the best or very good (studio quality) indoor light,
  • Send the highest resolution files possible. Not less than 200 dpi.  The more detail in the photos the better it is to achieve a true painting.
  • When taking your photos, get up close and fill the frame.  If you can get down at eye level all the better. Looking down often distorts and alters proportional view.
  • For a full body painting fill the photo with as much of the pet as possible.  Get as close as you can.  Insure paws, tails and nose all in the photo.
  • It is understandable the pet may no longer be with you or the painting is a surprise for a friend.  Just send as many photos as you can.

Referring to sizes and prices may help you with your photoshoot decisions.


Oil paintings will be on   1 1/2” gallery wrapped canvas with finished sides. Wired and ready to hang the day it arrives.

Pastel paintings will be on Hahnemuhle vevlour archival acid free paper and shipped under a temporary glass frame.  You can keep this as it is ready to hang or you can choose to have it reframed.