Beulah the Great Blue


  • Ink, watercolour and pastel pencils on Russian Plywood Gallery frame 9″ x 9″ x 2″ built in frame
  • Epoxy finish
  • Original but used for class project
  • photo used from my own collection
  • Technique inspired by Sue Ellen Ross

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Ii had seen them flying.  I had once or twice come across them walking near the marsh on the Hill. They usually kept their distance and were always just a fleeting sight.  But lo and behold!  Entering my studio early one morning there on the edge of the pond stood Beulah!  The paws saw her and did not make a sound How regal! How arrogant!  How alert!  She knew we were watching as was she regarding us with disdain. She had wings and could fly away at the drop of a hat.  But she stayed and munched on whatever it was under the surface of the water that intrigued her. Those long legs lifting and plunging silently as she cruised the shore.   My Kodak clicked, AHA!  I said.  Got you!  And with that she rose into the mist.
 Beulah the Great Blue was never to be seen again.